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Shamanic Brew Kombucha

Follow the Shamanic Path, and let it lead you to a magical world of natural beverages and herbal mixes. Vegan, natural and beneficial to your mind and body.

Shamanic Brew Teas

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Shamanic Path Oy - a small kombucha and tea production company located in Espoo, Finland - has been established by Margarita Ilyashenko in April 2021.

Why did I decide to brew my own Kombucha?

I remember that when I was a small child growing up in Russia, my grandparents had a large jar with a jellyfish-like “tea mushroom” - as they called it. Standing on the table in the living room, it would float in a cloudy liquid for days, constantly growing and getting fed more and more tea.

I remember the taste - fizzy and sweet, and how I found it a bit strange and very unique. My grandparents would drink it often, perhaps more often than water. They always said that it's a "magic drink" that's good for the stomach.

Growing up, I forgot about that magic drink with strangely looking “mushroom”, until one day, I spotted a kombucha drink on a shelf in my local grocery store, and I just had to try it! I did, and subsequently tried many others, but none resembled the taste of my grandmother's kombucha.

That's when I decided to try making it on my own, and a few of trial and error, and my grandmother's advice, I finally succeeded! I created a kombucha which tasted just like how I remember it!

As an owner of a massage business, I would begin to offer that homebrewed kombucha to my customers after massage, and to my surprise, they loved it, and often wanted to buy it!

That is when I decided to establish Shamanic Path Oy - a means of healing people not only with my hands, but also with my kombucha products. I hope you enjoy them!


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sweet fermented tea - usually black or green. The fermentation process is faciliated by SCOBY - a bacteria and yeast culture - which gets the drink carbonated and produces beneficial for health probiotics.

Shamanic Brew kombucha is made from high quality organic black tea. It's a healthy replacement for alcoholic beverages and sweet sodas.

How to store Kombucha?

As the Shamanic Brew kombuchas are unpasteurized and lightly filtered, the drinks should be stored in the fridge. Longer exposure to temperatures over 20C will cause increased carbonation and pressure, therefore please be cautious when opening the bottle.

Where can I buy it?

Currently, you can purchase Shamanic Brew Kombucha drinks in the following locations in Helsinki:


Business inquiries and orders

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